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Audiobook Narration of THE BIG INCH, by Kimberly Fish

As promised, I recently narrated an Audiobook, and it is now available on Audible.

Click Link to hear sample, and sign up for a FREE COPY (if new to Audible)

(Click Picture or Link to hear sample, and sign up for a FREE COPY -if new to Audible). I'll post later about how I discovered I could do this, it's an interesting story because it has to do with a disability that I have and how I fight it, but for now I want to Celebrate with Kimberly and focus on the story itself.

Meet Lane Mercer, a widowed female spy in World War II. More precisely, she's with the OSS (Office of Strategic Services). She's been pulled stateside after a deadly encounter caused by The Grasshopper, a double agent. So her boss gave her a break and sent her to Texas, where she guards the man in charge of building the pipeline they call The Big Inch. Roosevelt and the troops need oil, and they need it yesterday, especially with all of the U-boats trolling the Atlantic, sinking ships that carry the much needed product to England. What if the Germans learn of the plan and try to eliminate Lane's VIP?

Turns out, being in Longview isn't much of a break after all.

And that, is the set up for THE BIG INCH. Yes, it is fiction based on fact. Here is an aesthetic that Kimberly made showing Lane and her dreams, goals, and hardships.


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