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  • Why Twitter?
    For all that Twitter can be toxic, that is where deep thinkers (writers) go. And getting together with other writers in our favorite genre is not only enjoyable, it builds our base community. Many debut writers have kick started their debut campaigns by joining in the chats. And though the numbers are smaller than on FB or IG, they are the core group that will READ, REVIEW, and RAVE about each other's books.
  • What is HFChitChat?
    HFCHITCHAT is a Twitter Community for historical fiction lovers and writers. Our goal is to connect writers and readers of historical fiction in a fun and safe space as we discuss various aspects of the genre, writing, and the HF books we love. Not incidentally, this promotes historical fiction and its authors to younger generations in a variety of subgenres, types, and modes of publishing. We are a no-bullying, diversity-supportive environment.
  • Who is behind HFChitChat?
    ON IG AND THREADS: Syd Young ON TWITTER: Olesya Salnikova Gilmore Born in Moscow, Russia, raised in the US, and graduated from Pepperdine University with a BA in English / political science, and from Northwestern University School of Law with a JD. She practiced litigation at a large law firm for several years before pursuing her dream of becoming an author. She is happiest writing historical fiction and fantasy inspired by Eastern European folklore. She lives in a wooded lakeside suburb of Chicago with her husband and daughter. The Witch and the Tsar, out now from Penguin Random House, is her debut novel. Janna G. Noelle Canadian-born writer of historical women’s fiction with an adventurous edge. Both a co-founder and co-host and namer of #HFChitChat, she also serves as conference volunteer coordinator for the North American chapter of the Historical Novel Society. Gabriella Saab Author of The Last Checkmate and Daughters of Victory. She graduated from Mississippi State University with a bachelor of business administration in marketing and lives in her hometown of Mobile, Alabama, where she works as a barre instructor. She is of Lebanese heritage and is one of the co-hosts of @hfchitchat on Twitter, a recurring monthly chat and community celebrating the love of reading and writing historical fiction. Syd Young Texas lawyer, businesswoman, and historical fiction lover/ writer. Syd is represented by Kevan Lyon of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency, who will soon be submitting her novel, working title LADY BIRD TAKES A TRAIN. Syd is a feminist, frequent speaker, and reading/book advocate. She dreamed of a Twitter chat after attending an Historical Novel Society conference and missing the HF writer connection when it ended. Plus, she knew a chat would help showcase historical fiction and its awesome authors. She loves the comradery of #HFChitChat. She's also involved with The History Quill, and also loved TSNOTYAW Deep Dive, 2023 and podcasts. It takes a village to write a book!
  • I'm still afraid of Twitter, are there other options?
    No worries. HFChitChat has a light presence on Instagram and Threads. If you want to talk HistFic, we are here for it. We are still figuring Threads out, but it appears to be a great alternative for writers and book lovers, so we invite you to follow us and interact with us. That's the best way to invite our help and amplification of your efforts, by interacting with us. Note that we also are at least on Facebook, but aren't very active there at the time. Who knows what the future will bring?
  • What is a LIVE CHAT?
    It takes place over a short period of time, generally an hour. HFChitChat usually posts six questions at ten minute increments. It is fun to answer them during that time period --and join in the camaraderie with others doing the same. But the questions can be answered at any time.
  • But I'm (Published, Not Published, Tradition, Indie, Just Want to Watch)
    It's all good. You do you! We know that HFChitChat adds great value to the HistFic community, such as by keeping it front and center with decision makers in the industry. And by helping us all keep up with book publishing deals and dates. It also helps us all feel more connected. We often see published writers pop into chats, especially as they have books about to be released. It is also a great spot for Indie authors and for unpublished authors.
  • What is a DAILY CHAT?
    A daily chat is a chat where one question a day is answered for several days, usually 4 days, as each co-host takes a day answering the questions. These questions can be answered at any time, and are generally posted first thing in the morning.
  • I have an idea for HFChitChat
    Excellent! We'd love to hear. Simply message us in your favorite platform. We will respond as we are able.
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