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June Reads!!

I traveled many awesome—and eye-opening—places in June:

1 & 2) WWII here and abroad -- agency sister Bryn Turnbull's THE PARIS DECEPTION a great art story that has stuck with me, and Jamie Ford's peircing HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF BITTER AND SWEET;

3) a plane under the ocean -- T.J. Newman's DROWNING. I want to read her first, FALLING, but am afraid my nerves can't handle it (I will though!);

4) dragons in the sky -- Rebecca Yarro's FOURTH WING, I absolutely loved like I haven't loved fantasy since flipping for ACOTAR. How did she pivot to that from romance? Makes me wonder what a Kate Quinn Fantasy or SciFi or Time Travel pivot would be like;

5) the great migration from the South -- agency sister Monica Chenault-Kilgore's LONG GONE, COME HOME, a beautiful and harrowing come of age under the grips of Jim Crow law;

5) more St. Mary’s time travel -- I ADORE Jodi Taylor❣️and her pithy titles and characters. THE GOOD, THE BAD, and THE HISTORY does not dissappoint;

6) Canada, -- MEET ME AT THE LAKE, a romance with teeth, by Carley Fortune;

7) Ancient China -- probably my favorite Lisa See of late, LADY TAN'S CIRCLE OF WOMEN;

8) dancing stars—here and abroad, -- agency sister Eliza Knight's STARRING ADELE ASTAIR. I really loved getting to know this story;

9) an African princess -- I'm an unabashed Denny S. Bryce fan and she delivers with THE OTHER PRINCESS;

10) First Ladies, -- I've never read a book that equals this one in depth and scope of the great racial divide and hopes. Please read THE FIRST LADIES by Marie Benedict and Victoria Christopher-Murray. If it doesn't get nominated for some hefty awards I'll personally lead a march (don't know where we'd march though, lol);

and a rumble-tumble antiquarian daughter duo just in time for the 3rd installation of RAIDERS of the LOST ARC --THE ANTIQUITY AFFAIR by author duo Lee Kelly and Jennifer Thorne.

Reading choices have been so fantastic this year. #junereads Also—fantastic covers❣️#coverlove —And the #audios were amazing. 💗💜💗✨🤓

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