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October Reads, mixed bag

Mixed bag of reads, some new, some old, no nonfiction as podcasts supplied plenty of that (and sucked away my reading/listening time🥶)!! Here are my favs from October.

I liked IT STARTS WITH US and am glad this is just basically a straight contemporary romance read, for once. Good finish to the story and proves my theory that the second half of Persuasion doesn’t have huge 💥 fireworks but is still good. Books don’t always have to have crazy spins, right? Especially if the problems are real and relatable. Thank you, Colleen Hoover for this treat and for not killing me too much while reading this one.

Glad to read Mary Higgins Clark Award nominee by Kathy Colwey—I really loved the twist in THE SECRET LIFE OF MISS MARY BENNETT —if you like mystery and Jane Austin—read it and talk to me about what you though! There are more in the series so that is a big yay.

I struggled for a long time to get into Sarah J. Moss’s new series CRESCENT CITY (I read book one, HOUSE OF SKY AND BLOOD—it starts out pretty slasher but then revolves into more high fantasy, book 2 came out this year) but finally did and loved it, of course. She knows her stuff. It is long so took most of my time in October!

I loved JACQUELINE IN PARIS by Ann Mah so much that I ordered my daughter a copy and shipped it right to her. All the French /Jackie Kennedy feels and I think the book ended just right. Deep thought but also cool post-war twists that are relevant today.

I didn’t know what to expect with ONE WOMAN’S WAR by CHRISTINE WELLS but had a great time with it! Fun to see how “Bond, James Bond” and Miss Moneypenny might have come about.

And finally, I don’t know if y’all know how much I geek over Jodi Taylor’s Chonicles of St. Mary’s—a gender-bender of #histfic and a little #scifi. The spin off with Matthew is more of a sci-fi spin because the Time Police don’t care about history 😅. But I love it just as much. For any Star Wars or Star Treck fans, I think you’ll like it, give the Time Police a try. 🤓

Now, I’ve got some more good reads already coming in November and definitely thinking about my favorites of the year. What about y’all?

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