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My Feb Favs

Something extra to celebrate the books I read in February: First or favorite lines from each book. Hope you’ll review and savor. (And then read one!). In the order I read them (I think 😅):

1) QUEENS OF LONDON by Heather Webb —Think female Peaky Blinders meets Orphan Annie / The Little Princess in London ❤️‍🔥Super fun and heartwarming.

2) THE WOMEN, y Kristin Hannah —Nurses in and after Vietnam. 🤍💔❤️‍🩹 And what it means to be a Hero.

3) THE PHOENIX CROWN by Janie Chang and Kate Quinn   —A view of survival during the San Francisco earthquake unlike any I’ve read. 🙌 Congratulations to my agent sisters on this great collaboration ❣️

4) A WILD AND HEAVENLY PLACE by Robin Oliveira — a love story across oceans with all the feels 🏔️🚢⛏️🫶

5) BRIDE by Ali Hazelwood — the queen of science flexes into 🧛‍♀️🐺❤️‍🔥 and I’m here for it. 🌶️

6) FIRST LIE WINS by Ashley Eliston—worth the hype thriller.💫

7) THE QUEEN OF SUGAR HILL by ReShonda Tate —loved this bio fic of Hattie McDaniel. 🤍🩵🤍

8) UNFINISHED by Kelly Evans —Loved this Bio Fic of Elisabetta Sirani and her painting studio, so glad to know of her❣️💟

9) READY OR NOT by Cara Baston —What a sweet, sweet romance. 💞💙

Note: I get my books from many sources. There are no bookstores where I live. I began Audible years ago, before it sold out. Anytime I buy an audio, I always also buy the kindle, in part so the author will be compensated more fairly, in part so I can dive into the written visual of the book, in part to keep me tethered, and sometimes in order to keep reading when I’m where I can’t listen. NetGalley and the publishers gave me Queens of London to early review, but I also bought it. I also buy from Book of the Month (The Women and Ready Or Not) and from (A Wild and Heavenly Place). I used to review for my local paper, but had to stop during the land rush of the pandemic and haven’t gotten back into it. As an English major and lawyer, I’ve been a reading advocate for a long time. I’m glad my parents and schools never denied me any book I wanted to read.

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