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Historical Fiction / Action & Adventure / Witch Trials

Page Count: 398 Pages

Publication Date: March 1, 2024

It’s 1739. An abused girl accused of witchcraft must be defended by a man married to an actual witch.

William MacLeod, a fierce Scottish lawyer with a kind heart, takes on a daunting task—rescue young Annaliese from the clutches of her tormentors in the untamed wilds of Virginia colony and deliver her safely to her aristocratic father in London. But lurking in the shadows are enemies eager to expose MacLeod’s own wife, Fiona, as a witch with a dark secret.

Their perilous journey takes an unexpected turn when their ship wrecks, and Annaliese’s haunting nightmares and unexplained “Devil marks” trigger suspicion among the crew. Tension peaks when MacLeod must become Annaliese’s unwavering protector in a witch trial, where Fiona’s clairvoyance and a murder are unveiled.

To Rescue a Witch navigates themes of betrayal and redemption, in a spellbinding narrative that blends history, magic and the unyielding resilience of the human spirit.

TO RESCUE A WITCH, by Lisa A. Traugott, is one

of those swash-buckling adventures that is fun to read as we cheer on the hero and the little witch. Annaliese really is one of those children born to sorrow and tossed about, but somehow scrappy and determined to survive. And it's all a test of survival for her, from page one. Thank goodness there's William MacLeod, as romantic a Scottish character as they come, especially since he's determined to right a wrong and do what is right, no matter the cost to him.

I love that the cover shows the ship, for the heart of the book takes place as they are sailing back to the old world, as Mac and Annaliese get to know each other, and help get each other out of trouble. It's a fresh take on the adventure trope, especially with the witch trial that takes place, letting us see Mac's mind at work, even as his ward's fingers won't give it a rest. (Forgive me for calling him that, but I had a grandfather with that nickname. For some big tall, Scottish dudes, it's what they must be called). Of course, things are quite complicated for him, especially considering his witchy wife and how she won't give up the old ways. And how the old ways won't stop interfering in a Scottish family's desire to just live their lives. Lots of problems coming to a good boil in this page-turner.

CONTENT WARNING NOTE: In the first chapter, Annaliese survives something truly harsh, showing how very much she does need rescuing. But although other hardships are in store for her, the main thrust of the book is her relationship with Macleod and how he opens up to become the hero he needs to be, until the time that Annaliese can care for herself. It is a hard opening, but not a view of what you'll get in the book, just an underlying reason for it.

Lisa A. Traugott is an award-winning author and World Championship public speaker semifinalist -- who also spoke five lines on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She lives in Austin with her husband, two kids and English bulldog, Bruno.



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