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Historical Fiction reads May

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

As I said in May, part 1, I read a lot more because--for the first time in a while I took a writing break for various reasons. So, yay, an entire Blog for HistFic--there's so many GREAT historical fiction books out now that are not to miss!

#riversingmehome —beautiful writing, beautiful story, a formerly enslaved woman goes the distance to find her children 🥹💜

#agirlcalledsamson—a 😲🥰✨—I had no idea and so glad Bailey Gant told me to read this❣️First Revolutionary story I’ve read in a long while. Unlike any other.🙌

#tiffanygirls — another surprise love❣️ Fascinating story centered on the women who made Tiffany stain glass in US and it’s exhibition in Paris.🥰🎊✨

#thebotanistsguidetoflowersandfatality —If you haven’t stumbled onto this series and you love smart sleuths, witty banter, plantogy, and crave a new word (post WWI!) with a diverse cast, grab it up. 🤓🥰🙌

#fifthavenueglamourgirl —oh Estee Lauder, who knew! Fun page turner about a woman who knew her 💄 and how to keep a secret.

#motherdaughtertraitorspy —ok this WWII centric stateside novel was ⚡️ a super fun page turner❣️🙌

#thefortunekeepersdaughter—I’m such a huge fan of this Italian Renaissance thriller series, and the narration is sublime. So happy there’s one more coming❣️🙌🥰

#thehouseoflincoln —This ambitious book had multiple stories folded into one—I did learn things related to the Lincolns and America during their lives.

Now how about you?

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