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Living *BIG*

Last year I survived a difficult surgery that had a recovery time of an entire year. (Let's don't talk about it). I pushed through and made it, but a year is a long time to mend. I had time to think, to be grateful, to look ahead.

There was something on my "list" that I wanted to achieve, and that I could work on during that recovery time. I started planning, I took an in depth course, I trained and got equipment, I joined groups. I looked back over my life and realized it was a natural place to go, but a place only I, myself, could strive toward.

I am very excited to announce today that the dream is now a BIG reality. I am officially an Audiobook Narrator, with one book in production and another book patiently awaiting my attention. They are two very different books, both in genres I love, but today I am going to tell you about being an Audiobook Narrator for THE BIG INCH, by Kimberly Fish.

Here is my short VLOG post about it. Enjoy.

Here is a review of her fabulous new book in the series, HARMON GENERAL. We will announce the Presale sometime early this summer. And for those of you who are fans of Kimberly Fish, who don't know my acting / directing credits, and who would like to know more, here are my most favorite credits:

ACTOR: Madame Thenardier, Les Miserable (2014)

The Baker's Wife, Into the Woods (2013) Adelaide, (New Jersey Accent) Guys and Dolls (2007)

Mame, (Transatlantic accent) Mame (2016)

The Orgasm, (British Accent) Vagina Monologues (2014) Rosie, (Spanish Accent) Bye Bye Birdie (2010) Truvy, (Southern Accent) Steal Magnolias, (2012)

Marmee, (General American Accent) Little Women, the Musical (2015)

Italian Wife, (Italian Accent) Lend Me a Tenor (2008)


Currently in Production, Audiobook Narrator:

THE BIG INCH, Historical WWII Spy Novel, by Kimberly Fish

TIME AND AGAIN, Time Travel Romance, by Nancy Fraser ALSO:

Business/Motivational Speaker, (2005-present)

UIL Judge: Speech and Oral Reading (2017) ACX Masterclass Graduate (2018)

Frequent Radio Guest

Voice Over/Copy Editor

Monthly Column, "The Book Snob," Paris Life

Yes, that is all in addition to my day job, as a Board Certified Real Estate Lawyer (Texas) and Title Company Owner. It is truly amazing what one can do when she doesn't watch TV. So, what I can't do is TV-show-talk with you. For the most part. Rest assured, clients and friends, I do not plan on retiring or theatre and performance, but I am definitely happy to be creative after work, at home, on my own time, without leaving my husband and furry babies, and hope to enjoy narrating many a book.

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