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April Favorites💖✨

This year is killing it in books! Here are my favorite April books.🎉😎

So, yes, I have Abby Jimenez twice, I am so glad #botm club introduced me to her. #worstwingmanever is a perfect short romance if you need a quick pick me up. Then there’s #justforthesummer which is full of Minnesota lake life charm and lifey situations. (Y’all quit apologizing to me about reading romance. Life is short! Read it. I do! Why wouldn’t you?!)

@piper_huguley ‘s #americandaughters is a repeat because the audio is just so lovely. You will love it, I promise! Please take a chance on it and read—great book club pick, too. ❤️🤍❤️

Next is the oh-so atmospheric and fantastical #asweetstingofsalt by @suther_rose —a selkie reimagining like none other. Set in Nova Scotia! Wild and windswept indeed.

I absolutely flipped for Judi Dench and Brenden O’Hea’s #shakespearethemanwhopaystherent —a testament to the power of language. To be savored. Audio is 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

#james by Percival Everett—picked it up to see what the fuss was and could not put it down. Cherry on top if you know Huckleberry Finn but even if you don’t it’s captivating and so smart.

Emily Henry’s #funnystory actually broke my heart a bit but what a queen!

Christina Henriquez wrote a quixotic tale of #thegreatdivide —imagining all kinds of such divides in the lives of those who built or suffered through the building of the Panama Canal.

And last but NOT least—#thewives a memoir by Simone Gorrindo who really bares her soul as she grapples with her husband’s service and how that impacts her and the wives in their circle. So good. Im so glad I now know.

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