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Updated: May 3, 2020

I’ve seen an excellent daily journal posted on Twitter and Instagram. I’m so glad I didn’t start one! It’s been a crazy months of 10-12 hour days. I couldn’t have done it. But I do want to document what this month get like.

It’s been so hard, of course it’s been hard. From getting used to the new normal to facing the reality of really missing people to having work hit us like a freight train, I think mostly due to the adjustments we are making for safety. It’s just harder. Thankfully we buckled up.

I knew that eventually people

would start getting cross about what we are all going through. The thing I remember is how frustrated I am, too. To not take the frowns personal, to meet them where they are, to find time to laugh and commiserate that we all want this to be over. We are done, tired.

Mostly I think, despite the hardship, I’m thankful for those I’ve met in the closing room. And for my awesome staff who are giving 150 percent without much thanks. People in the office for closings are learning to find my smile behind my mask, we are taking our time, laughing, thankful to be at the table, thankful that our community has not been a hotspot (so far as

we know). I’m so thankful for these persons who are giving me some joy in a pretty hard existence. I’m thankful for the sunshine and flowers. I would like for bad weather to go away, if I could ask for one thing, that would

be it. I hope I’m giving some joy, too. I know we are helping people sleep at night, under the roofs where they’ve chosen to be. That’s a comfort.

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