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The Brit’s Had It Way Worse

I’m currently reading “The Splendid and the Vile” by Erik Lawson and it’s making me feel better because there are people (of course!) who have suffered far more than us. For example:

1) Churchill finally had to just start requesting his own TP 😳;

2) Londoners found that stiff upper lip when Churchill ordered the (absolutely useless) anti-aircraft machines to—let her rip! Forgive my French but evidently even the keep calm and carry on folks need an F U moment or a thousand;

3) People had sex, lots of it. So all you people talking about babies in the next nine months—you’re super smart;

4) Don’t look now Gary Young but here’s a #panther sighting.

So what are you reading right now and with what facts can you regale me? I’ve got more suggestions in my book column coming out in Sunday’s Paris Life. Somehow, even when I wrote it—what seems a lifetime ago—it couldn’t be just a review as usual.

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