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Podcast Interview with The History Quill 🤍🤩

the full interview with me, about my journey as a writer and my recent book, which had a working title of LADY BIRD TAKES A TRAIN, now called BIRD OF CHANGE (go ahead and weigh in, don't you love the new title better?).

As to the interview there are also lots of shorts, if you just want snippets. But the crux is, what did I write and why, and what did I do on my writing journey to get to the point where I signed with my dream agent, whose rep list are the authors I love, whose books I've read and absolutely love.

The truth is, through my participation with The History Quill critique group (and their many services), I've learned that we who write each have some magic in our stories. There are many good writers, many good ideas. What is it that makes a writer and her work stand out? Listen to the whole of you are interested in exploring this great question.

Or to pick and choose from the many things we talked about, simply follow the link and then look and choose from the shorts.

If you take the time to listen, thank you so much! Many have enjoyed it and been encouraged in their writing by listening.

Thank you so much to The History Quill and all the folks who've are involved, including the lovely hosts, Julia Kelly and Theo Brun, both of whom Just had new books release! Congrats to them. 🎉✨

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