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October Reads❣️

How did I forget to post this? Probably because I was doing NaNoWriMo and it took time. So here are my October Reads.

GREAT reads in October. In fact, it’s been a great reading year, all year. I’ve had a number of people tell me they’ve had a hard time finding good books. Well, here’s your chance. I’ll share about all of them in a post on my webpage but for now, here’s some I fell in love with:

Willie’s memoir, IT’S A LONG STORY, MY LIFE. Sooo good.

So unputdownable, for vastly different reasons, MONSTERS by Claire Dederer (thanks Jamie Ford for suggesting!!). There aren’t answers, there really aren’t, but I feel I’ve at least confronted my dual feelings about art (among other things) and its not-so-great human creators.

Similarly, I was going to tiptoe into PATTON, MONTGOMERY, AND ROMMEL, by Terry Brighton, but Y’ALL!! This is such a story of WWII. Some big picture stuff. Read over a weekend.

There are also some great fiction books, mysteries, romance, and my best-love, Historical Fiction. Loved them all. THE ALEWIVES, by Elizabeth R. Andersen was just highlighted as a fantastic read under 6 hours, in Audible's sale. It's a murder mystery set during Black Death days, and the snarky peasant wives will brighten your day.

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