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My Reading Year -- 2020

One thing that didn't change in 2020, I read. I read as much as I always read. Surprise, surprise! I know you are on pins and needles to find out more. So here you have it.

I read 103 books.


70 Fiction 33 NonFiction

This includes books of all types. I listened, read ebooks, and read paper books. Any "book" I could mark on Goodreads is counted, so this includes 5 children's books and one course via The Great Courses about Washington, DC. The course took hours so that more than compensates for the children's books.

I read vastly more books by women than men. These weren't divided by fiction and nonfiction.

72 Women 31 Men

Race? Reading diversely really opened up my sheltering world. Since I made the commitment to read more diversely years ago, that diversity has enriched my thoughts and triggered empathy. I can do better and am committed to this.

24 POC 79 White authors

(23%) (.76% compared)

The 2020 census is not in yet, but the numbers from 2017 show I'm off a little bit, with people of color making up 27% of our nation, while white persons are 73%.

I listened to almost all of these books. Mostly by Audible, but also by other services. And if an audio wasn't available, I turned my phone text to speech on and listened. (To do this, on my iPhone I went to Settings, Accessibility, Spoken Content and turned it on. But I also listened via Speechify and Natural Read Pro, because the phone has a long way to on consistently coming on when I tell it to). Still, I'm breaking this up with how I mainly encountered the book.

76 Audio 24 Kindle or Hardcover Books

Ok, let's look more closely at how it breaks down.

30 Historical Fiction

23 Research (all History)

13 Contemporary

13 Fantasy

12 Womens

12 Racism

10 Writing

These are just the top categories, and some books counted twice. What's interesting is that normally contemporary and historical usually weigh out a bit more, but I struggled reading contemporary this year. Just had to go far away from anything even remotely now. I can also tell I'm deep in writing a book.

As far as Historical Fiction goes, how does that break down? Glad you asked. These won't add up, either. As with all my other reading, I'm all over the place.

9 War

5 WWII (I'm very tired of this, and am glad to have read two which blended with other historical eras)

5 Historical Mystery

5 Biographical Fiction

4 Middle Ages

3 Adventure

3 Ancient

1 Feminist Romance

Of the 103, I included 44 on my favorites! But which were my absolute tops? Stay tuned. . .

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