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My January Favs

My January reads, a great mixup!

EVERY TIME WE SAY GOODBYE, a post WWII Italian film fest arc by Natalie Jenner, where nothing is as it seems. ❤️‍🔥

Kate Morton’s HOMECOMING —this was on everyone’s best of list of 2023.

Charles Duhigg’s SUPER COMMUNICATOR another arc. Full of amazing stories and ideas for how we can better communicate. I am always interested in learning skills as it is my bread and better. Help is here!✨

DIVA— loved, loved, loved this new offering by Daisy Goodwin. She nails the famous off singer, Maria Callas, and reclaims the word goddess for all of us. AUDIO is DIVINE❣️✨🙌 with small samples of her singing.❤️‍🔥

Another throwback from everyone’s red list was the THURSDAY MURDER CLUB by Richard Osmond. Fun!

Next is THE WHARTON PLOT by Maria Frederick. How Edith Wharton might have come to write her Pulitzer Prize winning novel. Couched as murder mystery but definitely Bio Fic.

The HOUSE IS ON FIRE—this mighty, mighty book by Rachel Beanland—if you haven’t read it you just you have to! I know it’s sometimes hard to grab a book about hard events but Rachel does a great job of really making it a fully lived experience. It begins with the terror and then gets into the emotions of the survivors. 🔥

THE DISAPPEARANCE OF ASTRID BRICARD by Natasha Lester—what a fun book! I agree with Kate Quinn: Daisy Jones meets Vogue. ✨

Piper Hughuley’s AMERICAN DAUGHTERS —go ahead and pre-order❣️ About the friendship between Portia Washington and Alice Roosevelt. Excellent. I love Piper’s Southern voice and keen observations of worlds I don’t know. ❤️‍🔥

A throwback by Jennifer Robson OUR DARKEST NIGHT. Mr. Extrovert loves World War II fiction and gushed over this, and I agree!

UNSINKABLE by Jenni L. Walsh. Begins with the Titanic tragedy—fascinating dual narrative portrayal of the woman who survived so many sunken ships!🙌 ✨🚢 ❤️‍🔥

LISTEN FOR THE LIE, by Amy Tintera. The audio is so cool! About a woman with amnesia and accused of murdering her bestie, and the podcaster who researches it. Podcast sounds real with intro music. Preorder now! 🔥

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