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Updated: Jul 29, 2023

May was a different writing month for me SO, I’ll post my reads in two batches, 1st being buzzy contempt or romance books. (Next time, my 💜 #histfic).

First is #porterandmidge a sweet, sweet #puppyadventures book!! So fun and by Texas authors. The authors tell me that another book is coming that deals with blips in training, so that’s awesome. This is a book touring with the incredible #lonestarbookblogtours who have also LOVED it. They are mostly made up of librarians and bloggers who do the awesome work of spreading the word on Texas authors—who need ALL the help these days. Check it out and I hope you’ll order it today if you have any kiddos and pups in your lives. Here’s a link to my review (next up I have to update my webpage, it’s been a while!):

I absolutely adored #thisbirdhasflown by Susanna Hoff. So fun, great escape, and… it rocks 🎸!! What’s not to love about a one-hit-wonder who, by Fate or freak accident, sits first class with an English Oxford prof and ❤️‍🔥. Oh, yeah. ❣️🥳💗💯

Next, #demoncopperhead is spot on and totally deserved the #pulitzer prize, congrats to Barbara Kingsolver. This book got me thinking about voice…but also OxyContin.💊

#yellowface by R.F. Juan is a satire on publishing that drives home what cultural misappropriation is—and why most authors and publishers want to avoid it. (Hey, it’s a free country so if you, as a writer, want to ignore this you can, but … well maybe read this book first).

#happyplace is probably the best book Emily Henry has ever written, way more than romance. She exposes what many really experiencing with anxiety and just walking away from hard conversations rather than having them and keeping on with the (good) relationship. So enjoy it, but let the book speak to you, and, yes, I say that to myself, too.

I’m late to the party with #myoxfordyear but just LOVED this Julia Wheelen book (seriously, is there anything she’s not awesome at? Also, I’m lined up and ready for another offering!). Her narration, naturally, is spot on. 🥰 In fact, except for PORTER & MIDGE, I mostly read all of these by audiobook.

It’s good to note that June is Audiobook month!! Audios by real human narrators are 🥳🥂🎉 —so amazing. I have to listen real fast because my ear wanders if I don’t, so… that’s part of my reading secret.

Lastly, I seriously don’t know why the buzz about Abby Jimenez isn’t louder and I thank #BOTM club for bringing her my way. I loved #yourstruly so, so much. A ❤️‍🔥 about two caregivers with real needs that is so, so tender. I also loved that one of them is high functioning with anxieties—and the book shows the techniques he uses to cope, yes to that❣️

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