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January Reads

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

I read a whole lot in January, surprise! 😉😅

Here’s a partial recap:

I read THE BLUE, by Nancy Bilyeau, having always meant to and needing to get it done since the next offering, FUGITIVE COLORS looked so good! It was completely fun, well done. I loved learning about the race to create the perfect, blue colored China. And you think we’re competitive. 👀🥶

I also gobbled up sample pages to these National Geographic books! Gorgeous!

THE FUGITIVE COLORS, also by Nancy Bilyeau, was also a page turner, this time about paint colors and danger or conflict on every page. Definitely a fun read.

I then stumbled upon a King Athur—or rather a Guinever—time travel book, and it was a page turner! It will be a series and, given the ending of the book, I’m expecting twists.

With the short book above, TAPESTRIES, by Rosita Sheen, I indulged a long-held research need. Hmm. Wonder why. 🥰🤐☺️

Next was SWAY a marketing book by Christina Del Villar. As a business woman I love reading the occasional business book, though I don’t have a business degree, it usually doesn’t matter. I confess that I didn’t know all the terminology in this book, but it’s premise made sense to me and I did learn more what marketing folks do and why it takes a while to get results (or even test out whole theories).

LOVED The next one, ANTOINETTE’S Sister by Diana Giovinazzo as much as it’s cover. Evocative, brassy, bossy, business woman, one can’t help but wonder what woul have happened had this sister marries Louis XVI.

and finally, for this post, Bloomsbury Girls, busy the talented Natalie Jenner. What could go wrong in post-war London, when women have had a taste of what life has to offer—especially when those women work in a famous bookstore. as Lovey and enchanting as it’s cover.

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