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February Reads

Great February reads, including a quote I snapped that I loved.

JOJO MOYES is back, hurrah! And this one is just pure fun, SOMEONE ELSE’S SHOES.

Next is PORCELAIN MOON by Janie Chang who really writes as beautiful a story as are her covers. You will not have heard what the Chinese did for France in WWI.

Right next to her is the queen of HF, Kate Quinn. I’m super sad that I’ve read all but one of her back list. EMPRESS OF THE SEVEN HILLS is great. The good news is she and Janie have teamed up to bring us something new called THE PHOENIX CROWN that will be amazing, can’t wait.

I’ve included THE CLOISTERS because it’s kind of creepy and I may need book therapy (friends and wine) over it. Y’all will love, (sinister laugh).

The powerful THE HOUSE OF EVE by Sadeqa Johnson so brilliant, please, please read.

NIGHT ANGELS by Weina Dai Randel, you don’t know this amazing WWII story!

Kip Wilson returns with a heartfelt look at the Spanish Civil War and a photographer you may not have heard of, though you’ve heard of her talented friend. Amazing writer, amazing story in verse ONE LAST SHOT.

I have to thank #TSKOTYAW for helping me find Karen Dionne’s fantastic THE MARSH KINGS DAUGHTER —swipe left for a great quote I captured. Also, you will love this emotional / marshy survival father-daughter story, just trust me.

Dan Jones has written a novel and it’s explosive! Now you see my adventure bent, so if you like that, too, you really want to read ESSEX DOGS.

Finally, THE SECRET LIVES OF CHURCH LADIES by Deesha Philyaw—it’s surely already on banned lists, and is definitely not Bible study material. But it is real and as honest as other greats like The Bluest Eye and Where the Caged Bird Sings and The Color Purple. So yes, it’s award winning and astonishing and helps you see / understand more, so it’s definitely on my list to stay, as is the author. If you missed reading a Black author for #BlackHistoryMonth consider one of these.

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