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April Reads

So many good books!

Two alternate histories—which is not my usual but these were well done #AmericanWife (not the Bushes but oh wow) and #SolomonsCrown (I’ll forever be fascinated with the spawn of Eleanor and Henry); mafia #histfic #Loyalty —another great by Lisa Scottoline —SO glad she’s writing #histfic thrillers now; the fabulous Stephanie Marie Thornton's #HerLostWords on Mary Shelley and her mother —I was blown over by these worlds and what I learned of these women; two lovely romances #GeorgieAllAlong by Kate Clayborn, and #RomanticComedy (love Curtis Sittenfeld, obviously 💗); Alma Katsu’s exciting second spy thriller #RedLondon, (perfect since I also binged #TheDiplomat and need more, more, more!); a fabulous, madcap cozy caper, #TheMostlyTrueStoryofTannerand Louise by Colleen Oakley; and after hearing her on #tsnotyaw @healeyjane ‘s well done #GoodNightFromParis —what an amazing woman! Great books!

❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 How about you?

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