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A community supports “freadom!”

I was going to post my books read in July post tonight. Instead, my heart is happy to share the deep support For Books —against banning—tonight at the North Lamar special board meeting. Well done! I support parental choice for their children on an individual basis, but not in a way that eliminates another parent’s choice. I wish these award winning, respected books were completely unrestricted unless a parent specifically restricts them, but in the absence of that, I agree that NLISD has seen to it that parents do get a choice for these books that absolutely meet the instructional criteria. Maybe all this chatter about Toni Morrison and Truman Capote and Sherman Alexie will help ignite teen-reader interest in these authors I respect and fangirl over, too.

Heartfelt thanks and admiration for teachers, staff, board members, and parents, who have such an enormous duty and execute it well for the students. Tonight, I saw #northlamarproud !

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