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2023 Favs! Long and short!

I haven’t posted my top reads of the year, and I know you’ve been waiting 😏😉🤩. I did narrow it down to these nine.

But I read a ton of books this year, so I wanted to show you the long-list of tops first.

Many greats published on 2023, what a banner year. All different types, mostly fiction but also non; mostly #historicalfiction but also #mysterythriller and #memoir and #romance and #literary. Just so many greats to choose from. One, #TheFoxWife (title cut off), comes out in Feb but I got to read it early. Otherwise, I believe these are all 2023 releases (#ADayofFire audiobook only released this year).

I want to say heartfelt thanks to all the authors I read this year (and all in the industry who help/support them)❣️ You poured your guts into your books and made me think about and experience other worlds. You are amazing! I’ll keep shouting out about books in hopes that others encounter your work and grow their horizons.

I’m glad my parents didn’t censor my books or thoughts. (They knew it wouldn’t work. And they trusted me to have a brain for myself.)

2023 was a great reading year❣️ Here’s to another great 2024.

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