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Wooing Cadie McCaffrey, by Bethany Turner, *REVIEW* Lone Star Book Blog Tour

WOOING CADIE MCCAFFREY is a perfect summer romance and great page turner. I began reading it bit by bit, and then, about page 80, I had to read until I finished it.

The book starts with a bang with this awesome set up:

First, a woman who is not willing to settle, none other than Cadie McCaffrey herself.

Second, the perfect meet cute and leading man. The meet cute really is hilarious and sweet.

It's fun to have a book couched in terms of a very aware heroine who loves romances and rom-coms, and who is also to the point that she must declare that it's all movies and novels, but not real life. It tickled me as a reader to know that the hero, Will, would turn it all upside down on her.

Cadie is honestly a little TOO perfect. She's more perfect than any of my girlfriends and they are pretty darned perfect. But they are flawed, too. The interesting thing is that, in this romance, Cadie's flaw is how flawless she thinks she is, she must be. She thinks she'll fall apart, as will her chance with her true love, without that perfection. I loved how, in the end, Will and Cadie's friends and parents had something to teach her about that. And that is probably why I got to the point that I had to absolutely binge read to the ending; I got to where I wanted Cadie to learn that lesson before it was too late. I wanted Cadie to get her romantic moment, just like in the movies, only better.

It also helped to hear from Will every now and then, so I knew he wasn't the jerk poor Cadie had, due to circumstances, eventually believed him to be. So, for me, the dual Point of View worked, as did the "fall from grace" that Cadie eventually experienced.

Bethany Turner is a Christy Finalist for a reason. And Revell (a Christian fiction division of Baker Publishing Group) has published another great book. I haven't read one of their books that I haven't enjoyed, but I do think it is important to know that their books are gentle Christian fiction. Friends, if you'd like a gentle Christian page-turning summer romantic read, this book is for you. Make sure and enter the chance for a prize (see giveaway below).

Thank you to Bethany and Revell for the paperback book in exchange for an honest review. I'm thinking now I'm going to have to go back and read THE SECRET LIFE OF SARAH HOLLENBECK. (That's in the giveaway, too, if you are curious).

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