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My GIF Bio or Vinny, Mikey, D'Artagnan, and Me (for #BoostMyBio #PitchWars #PWPoePrompts and Yo

I'm still seeing the benefits of #PitchWars and the fun preparty #PWPoePrompts especially as they push me into new territory. For example, my Bio as a writer, (that link is the "just the facts" link and pitch). Here is the more fun one.

1. Yes, as a lawyer I cut my writing teeth writing for Judges, and have continued that for clients, and other lawyers to this day, though I was conflicted out of much of that since about the mid 2000's (hence, my reason for turning to fiction). This actually could be a bad thing, if my style were overbearing and ancient and wordy.

I pray it is not. I work hard at that. I've tested it and my current WIP is readable at 7th grade level. Hurrah! Maybe because my husband watched My Cousin Vinny over and over and over. And, yes, I watched it with him. To this day, I still want to be Marissa Tomei. I strive to be a pretty positive person, in more ways than one. :)

2. So, I write. See the real Bio. And, I read. Many books. Basically anything. Then I advocate for them. I write a monthly column about books, and am often surprised at all the people who read it. Very nice for an area that is about two hours from a bookstore. (Yes, you read that right.) And I read to a second grade class every week. It's wonderful watching them grow from picture books to chapter books, and long for more.

Anyway, I'm like the Mikey in Life cereal commercials for Reading Books. Poster Child. I'll try any book and drag you along with me.

I do believe that a well read writer is a better writer. Plus, its just more fun.

Way more fun than that, eek. (But seriously, I hope you read, too. Books. I hope you read Books.)

3. I'm a Thespian. This makes me very comfortable with dialogue (acting) and world building (directing/writing setting as I see it) and both letting the action breathe and guiding it along. As a Director, I'll listen to others while keeping my vision. As an Actor, I love taking direction. So, I know how to take a story and work it to my satisfaction, or listen to others, or step away for a time, but ultimately, I know how to let it be.

Above is one of my new favorite musicals. :)

I advocate for writers to leave their homes and encounter the world. Theatre is one of the safest places to do that, especially for true introverts. (Fourth Wall and all.) As a bonus, you get to be things you aren't, what a boon. I've been all kinds of things, worn all kinds of costumes. So I can tell you what it's like to wear a corset, or tie a cravat, and all that jazz.

Also, I'm an Audiobook Narrator. This has evolved as a natural outgrowth of everything I am about: I'm just a born and practiced story teller. I'm excited about my narrations, and I honestly hope someday to narrate my own book. I'm selective about this, as it does take some time, but also, just like with theatre, it fires my writer's brain.

4. I'm not a very funny writer (so obvious here, lol!), but I love to surround myself with funny people. My husband says he fell in love with me because I laughed at his jokes. I don't know what that has to do with writing, but I just wanted to say, hey, I like a good giggle. More than one a day, please. Especially when tired from working on a long project or play or something.

5. I'm D'Artagnan. "All for One and One for All!" is probably my theme song. And I kind of write "Three Musketeers" type fiction, so I guess that works. But honestly, I feel that way about your writing, too. I love getting to know writers, and reading their works, and telling the world about them. So, go you! I want your stories to be published and read.

If you get a Mentor/Agent/Editor/Publication and I don't, I'm still pursuing this. And, I'll be happy knowing someone out there is being mentored, so that another great book and author are born. Let's be friends, let's help each other, let's make this world better, because we sat down and wrote something that helped someone get through their day, or that made them a better person, or that made them cry, or smile, or whatever.

Let's do this, writers. Let's tell our stories.

Now on to the WIP. Here are some fun aesthetics and emojis I made of I AM HOUSTON, my manuscript. For a true telling, see My Bio here.

Here is the story in emojis:

(So much fun! Must pretend the second flag is Texas.)

I AM HOUSTON Aesthetic:

And Antihero:

And Setting:

And the (former) first line:

So basically, it's a come of age epic, with a dose of magical realism. And I'm 100% dedicated to telling this story, especially with how the story came to me, but that is a post for another day.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for reading this. Would love to hear from you, any thoughts at all.

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