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When we explore our stories, especially where hope and fate collide, we better know ourselves, our world, and our past. We then better see the possibilities for our future. 

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Syd Young's Story

Meet Syd Young.

Left brain, right brain. Lawyer, writer. Creative, business woman. Hooked on stories, all her life, in all mediums: books (both print & audio), music, theatre, blogs, podcasts, etc. She's always loved writing and telling stories, whether it was while growing up and working on the farm, or for judges in Fort Worth, Texas, back as a "baby lawyer."

She's won awards for her writing, and is now represented by Kevan Lyon, of Marsal Lyon, who will soon be sending her latest novel on sub. It's a novel centered on Syd's hero, Lady Bird Johnson, in the aftermath of the Kennedy assassination. Syd says, "In these times, when it feels like our foundations are crumbling and all is lost, I find comfort in looking back to to the '60s, when many felt the same. There is hope." Indeed, Lady Bird's motto was, "Where flowers bloom, so does hope."

Syd is a life long reading and women's rights advocate. She loves live theatre, as a Director, actor, and audience member. She often speaks at live events as well as on podcasts. She's also voiced audiobooks.

All this sounds so serious, but Syd loves to laugh, too,  and hopes to one day be anointed a grand old Texas Dame. Big mouth, big hair, big heart, big laugh. Maybe she's there.😏

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