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October 25, 2019



a companion novel to Comfort Plans 




Genre: Contemporary Romance / Women's Fiction 

Publisher: Fish Tales, LLC  

Date of Publication: September 19, 2019 

Number of Pages: 348 


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Award-winning author of Comfort Plans, Kimberly Fish, delivers a novel about family, forgiveness, and the seeds of second chances. 

Eight years ago, Autumn Joy Worthington, still reeling from the bitter divorce of her Grammy-Award-winning parents, endured the betrayal of a man who’d promised her a wedding. Running from pain seemed the logical response. Reinventing herself in Comfort, Texas, as a lavender grower, she creates a wildly successful gardening haven that draws in tourists and establishes an identity far removed from her parents’ fame. Her mother’s retirement from stardom inspires AJ to offer her refuge and nurse the dream that they could move past old hurts and the tarnish of the music industry … to find friendship. A grandmother in the early stages of dementia and the return of AJ’s father complicate the recovery, but nothing sets the fragile reality spinning like the arrival of Nashville music executive, Luke English.  


As Alzheimer’s slowly knocks away the filters of their family, AJ comes to appreciate the true meanings of love and forgiveness -- and that the power of redemption can generate from the most unlikely sources. When AJ uncovers the grit to make hard choices, she also discovers that the flowers that bloom the brightest can have the most tangled roots. 



This book. I'm a big Kimberly Fish fan, but COMFORT SONGS may be her best yet.  The magic is all in the title, the setting, the characters, the true to life story. Think of lavender, country music, and the comfort that family, friends, and love can bring. COMFORT SONGS is like the way you wish the TV show NASHVILLE would have ended up. COMFORT SONGS is a LifeTime TV show just waiting to happen, perfect for fall or for anytime you are longing to step back to a simpler life. 


Alright, so I liked it and think it's worth your time. Here's why. 


AJ Worthington has her hands full. She's turned a nice lavender hill in Comfort Texas into a good business and has recovered from a love-affair gone wrong, as well as from the dirt dished by/about parents in the country-western music scene. The problem is, she must admit how strange her grandmother is acting. On top of that, her divorced and broke parents have come straggling home. To make matters worse, a handsome Nashville exec rides into town, and AJ has one guess as to what he wants. This is the story of how AJ might be finally getting a break.


The nice thing about this book is how all the problems are just real, down to earth problems. Luke English is a nice, loveable guy. AJ is easy to root for, as are her parents. Her grandmother, Inez, has her onnery moments, but definitely loves her granddaughter, who wants only good for her. This story is easy on the eyes and heart. 


One part of the story that is a little jarring from the rest is that of Inez's past life as she grew and aged. But they also reflect a different time, and show how mistreatment, misperceptions, and even selfishness can cause a life to go awry.  They help contrast how AJ has made decisions that impact her for the better. 


I really love how there is a series of books centering around Comfort, Texas, too. Perfect. 


Kimberly, great job! I loved it. (Thank you for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review). 



Kimberly Fish is a professional writer with almost thirty years of media experience. She's been telling stories far longer. She published her first novel, a WWII historical fiction novel, because of a true story in her adopted hometown that was too good to ignore.  She quickly followed that success with a sequel. Since then, she's continued writing fiction and added a contemporary second-chance romance series set in Comfort, Texas, to her list of fun, fast-paced novels. Kimberly lives with her family in East Texas. 











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